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Clean Tilapia
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U.S. Tilapia Import Statistics

Synopsis of Tilapia U.S. Import Statistics

Several aquaculture farms are spread out in unique locations. This often happens for many reasons, such as cost, climate, and available natural resources. While geographic diversity is certainly a strategic way to provide continuous product, this can also lead to varying quality standards, and when people have a bad experience, especially with food, we tend to avoid repeating that bad experience.


Latin American tilapia accounts for 96% of fresh imports & 0 rejections.


As shown in the map above, the odds of buying Asian tilapia are very high, so it is very likely that you may have had Asian tilapia at some point if you weren't paying attention to the country of origin one time or another. The majority of frozen tilapia imports come from Asia (98%) while most fresh tilapia is from South America (96%). Gross tilapia imports are also mostly from Asia (84%) but they've also had more import rejections when going through inspections (257). South American tilapia had 0 import rejections. Which one has higher odds of faulty fish sneaking in?