Raising the Bar

Woman at the gym

Meet Erin Kelly. Erin currently holds three world amateur powerlifting records with the International Powerlifting Association, and has her sights set on setting a few more. This 34-year-old competed last March at Ultimate Athletics in Ithaca, N.Y., where she squatted 385 lbs and deadlifted an astounding 480 lbs. Her total weight for the meet was 1045 lbs.

Let that sink in. 1,045 lbs.

Look out, powerlifters! She plans on destroying that number in September when she competes again in Fair Haven, Vt.

When the team here at Clean Tilapia got wind of Erin’s achievements, we had to sit her down and discuss her training methods used to set records: exercise, recovery and nutrition.


Erin has been working out and working with Israel DelToro of Adirondack Crossfit (ADK Crossfit).  ADK Crossfit is located in Queensbury, a beautiful town in upstate New York.  You can check out ADK Crossfit on facebook hereor their website here.

Israel and Erin after an intense workout.

Erin started training with Israel about four years ago and then got into the powerlifting side of about a year ago. A little shocking she’s only been in powerlifting for a year, wouldn’t you say? “I was always active growing up and played a sport in every season in high school, “ Erin clarified. “Field hockey was my main sport but I also did track and skied Alpine and Nordic, as well.”

In college, she would go to the gym occasionally and only do cardio. “I missed the competition”, she said, “That’s why I thought I would like crossfit and I was all in after my first class.”

Erin trains six days a week with four of those days comprised of an hour of heavy lifting followed by the crossfit workout of the day. She skips the powerlifting two days a week and just sticks to crossfit. She and Israel both feel the crossfit workouts give her an extra edge, an extra serving of determination that gets her through the last bit of those super heavy lifts. The sheer amount of determination she has is astounding, and she gives it everything she has.


For recovery, she has no need for complication: She eats immediately after her workouts and she loves sleep.

Erin at the beginning of her workout setting up the bar for her warm up.


“Exercise and recovery are huge, but nutrition is the most important thing to me,” Erin said.

Erin is incredibly disciplined when it comes to her diet. She practices intermittent fasting four days a week, Monday through Thursday, when she will go roughly 16 hours without eating. She times her schedule so she is appropriately fueled for workouts and eats clean. She eats her body weight in grams of protein every day and for someone who is running in the 165-pound weight class — well, that’s a lot of protein. Three staples of her diet are shredded chicken, rice and veggies.

But why so much shredded chicken?  “It’s easy to cook, it’s low in calories, and has a lot of protein,” Erin replied.

Imagine her surprise when we showed her how Clean Tilapia stacks up against chicken as a clean and high source of protein that is lower in calories and fat than chicken. 

“I’ve always loved fish, but have stayed away from it because of all the things you read about farm-raised fish. They make it sound terrible for you, plus I have no idea how to cook it,” she said with a smile.

Setting the record straight about the difference between Clean Tilapia and other seafood gave Erin some hope, “Where can I find it?” she asked, and that’s a question you need to keep in mind, as well. Hint: There are links below and more resources on this website.

Be on the lookout for Erin as she continues her siege through the powerlifting community. She’s moving serious weight, her nutrition is on point and she is ready to keep setting records. More than that she is disciplined, determined and a fierce competitor.  

If you are looking for more on Erin or how she trains, you can reach out to her and Israel through the ADK Crossfit facebook page.

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