Meet Team Tilapia

Meet Team Tilapia

These guys are not pro athletes they are just average Joe’s like you and me but they take their fitness and their nutrition seriously. They come from different walks of life as well as training. We’ve asked them to team up at OCR events this season to test themselves and overcome challenges, together.

Erin is an amateur power lifter. Erin currently holds multiple world records for powerlifting and recently competed in the Arnold classic just finishing short of first place by just a few pounds. Erin is not a runner so to say she was a little nervous about running her first Spartan Race is an understatement. You can find Erin on Instagram at @reener12

Andrew works for an Oxifresh Franchise around the Albany, NY area. Andrew trains traditional weights and cardio. Andrew’s military background helps give him the mental edge to suffer through these challenging races that test not only your physical limits but the mental ones too. Follow Andrew on Instagram at @andrew_william1

Eden works at a local cafe while she is working on getting her personal training certification. She currently trains traditional methods for bodybuilding, hikes a ton, and loves to run! Follow her on Instagram @__edenn__

Suzie is a personal Trainer at Fitcity in Queensbury, NY. Suzie, like Israel, knows how important nutrition is to health and fitness. She recently competed and took 2nd in Bikini Open at the Jay Cutler Classic. “Doing well in anything comes down to hard work and the right food.” Find Suzie on Instagram at @suziehanehan

Israel owns a CrossFit box in Glens Falls, NY; ADK Crossfit. Israel trains “average Joe” athletes every day. “The hardest challenge most of our athletes face is Nutrition. Our members see great results from our programming but honestly, the biggest gains happen with what they are putting in their mouths on a daily basis. If you eat garbage you will feel like garbage.” Find Israel on Instagram at @adkcrossfit

Sam is a Financial Analyst at an Albany hospital. Sam is a runner as we found out at the race as we were all trying to keep up with him. Sam keep a well-balanced training regimen including weights, bodyweight routines, HIIT, boxing, soccer, and loves himself some trail runs. Follow Sam on Instagram at @samurphy88

Michael is on our on course photographer. He is an avid crossfitter, sometimes runner, and yogi. “All the exercise in the world does not matter if you have a crappy diet”. You can find and some of his images on Instagram at @themotophotoyogi

Of course, if you want to see more from our team or learn more about Clean Tilapia, you can check us out on Facebook at @eattilapia or our Instagram page @cleantilapia. We are always adding more content, recipes, nutritional facts, and a whole lot more about Clean Tilapia.